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Tuesday, 7 October 2014



alhamdulillah slmt sampai ke usm pkol 6 dr kelantan. alhamdulillah masih di berikan chance berhari raya dgn family even 2 beradik x beraya bersama. cuti terlalu singkat plus ad yg terikat ngan komitmen kerja yg xpernah nak hbs. well, adat la kalau bkrja kan? 

nothing to share, just wanna tell the world 

aku sayang family aku ketat-ketat

really hate to see them in tears! dear family, be strong facing whatever is waiting for you. you will never be alone cos' I will always be there for you. Let us never be apart, stay the closest we can! I am truly blessed and thankful for having you guys in my life! I will always pray, our family be blessed, continuously by Allah & may He places us all in his JANNAH.  

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